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Strength and Conditioning for Cyclists

At KoMplete Performance we understand that Investing time into strength and conditioning is one of the best things you can do to improve your on-bike ability. It is widely accepted now that on-bike training alone will only take you so far. Not only will strength and conditioning increase strength, endurance and power output, but when done properly with structured programming it will also reduce your risk of injury significantly. For us, this is the most important benefit of off-bike training. Regardless of what level you are riding at, we are all at risk of injury. Any type of injury will most likely impact your riding time and training. By conditioning your body correctly you can minimise these risks. Less injuries will mean more consistency with your riding and training. Our performance enhancement specialist, Neal, knows this from first hand experience having been living with a back condition since his teens. For the best part of 15 years he would spend a good 2-3 months of every year injured and unable to ride. All of the progress that he was making would then be lost while recovering. This was a major deciding factor as to why Neal re-trained, and became the incredible performance enhancement specialist he is, sharing his experience and knowledge to help others.

Periodised and planned training using the NASM OPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine, Optimum Performance Training) system will get you results. This structured training has been used by professional sports teams in America over many years and is specific for athletes. NASM made use of the data that was collected while working alongside elite athletes to develop this system which can be used for both professional and amateur athletes alike. It is a science based programme which will take you through 6 Phases of training.

Phase 1 : Stabilisation Phase 2 : Strength Endurance Phase 3 : Hypertrophy* Phase 4 : Max Strength Phase 5 : Power Phase 6 : Max Power *Phase 3, Hypertrophy is not an essential phase for cyclists and can be missed. The athlete is in each phase for 4 weeks. Each phase is designed to prepare your body for the next phase and each programme is written specifically for the individual athlete. You don’t have to be a pro level athlete to be able to use the same training techniques as one. Prior to commencing Phase 1, KoMplete Performance will carry out a static and dynamic posture analysis, putting in place a programme to iron out any muscle imbalances that the athlete may have. You will also complete fitness and strength tests as a starting bench mark. This way we can ensure that our programmes are giving you, the athlete, the right tools for success. If you would like to discuss anything further with us then please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help?

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