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Health Begins Here

We provide an unparalleled level of private coaching. 
During your sessions you will benefit from having exclusive use of our facility. Just you and your coach. 
There are no distractions, no waiting for equipment and no excuses. Under the experienced eye of your coach, you are certain to see results. 
This could be hitting that PB, improving mobility, increased fitness and weight management. All clients also gain access to the Komplete Performance Fitness app to help manage goals, nutrition and track progress. 

For more details email

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Stay motivated together

Our fun and effective classes cater for all abilities. The classes are led by experienced coaches who will keep you safe while working out. 
All classes are limited in size so that we are able to coach you correctly so not only do you benefit from an amazing workout, but you will learn good form and technique along the way. 

For more details email

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Time to get fixed

Our highly talented in-house injury specialist, Michelle Bowen, will be available to provide the correct care needed to get you back moving pain free again. 
Michelle will carry out an initial assessment, then decide what course of action will be best to treat you. You will be able to access your own rehabilitation programme which will be tailored to you. 
This will give you clear instruction and exercise videos to help speed up your return to full fitness, wellbeing or latest sporting challenge. 

To book email

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No matter where you are

For those of you that are happy to train on your own or are not local to our facility. if you feel you would benefit from a structured and purposeful programme to follow, then our coaches can provide this. Each programme will be designed exclusively for you, your starting point and goals. After a thorough consultation and assessment your programme will be written, and available anywhere you go via the Komplete Performance Fitness app. Here you will be able to view your workouts, exercise videos, track calories and your progress. For more information email

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Get running the right way

Gait analysis and running MOT’s are available and delivered by our in-house sports injury therapist and run coach, Michelle Bowen. First you will have a posture assessment, then proceed with a short run on the treadmill. You will be provided with feedback regarding your running biomechanics as well as suitable trainers to consider and the option of a mileage build up plan supported by a personalised run conditioning training programme to help you run further and remain injury free. To book in or request more information then please email

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Set your benchmark

Do you test your progress?

We are able to offer various fitness tests to match your sports, activities or hobbies. You will be provided with a detailed analysis of your current statistics as well as advice to assist with your training. Making sure that you are doing the right things at the right time to maximise your performance potential. For more details email



From our gym based in Wrexham we deliver a unique approach to your training.

No distractions. No waiting for equipment, and most importantly a fun and effective guided 1-2-1 or small group session made specific to you and your fitness goals.

All you have to do is be ready to workout.

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"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."


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David Richards

“Fantastic PT.  We have been working on strengthening my core to eliminate lower back pain and also looking to increase flexibility for my golf game.  Neal works through a range of different exercises and the best part is despite seeing some significant gains, I rarely break a sweat!
Neal has a very focused approach and will no doubt improve your base level fitness and improve key areas for your chosen sport”
David Richards

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