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Frequently Asked

What Does The 12 Week Enduro Program Consist Of?

Upon Purchase you will be given access to the Komplete Performance app where you will find all of your workouts that are to be completed. This program runs over 12 weeks and consists of 3x gym based sessions per week, 2x on bike sessions (that can be done either on your own bike or a gym bike/wattbike, turbo trainer or similar) per week and monthly fitness and strength tests so that you can track your progress. You will need to be based in a gym for this program or have things like barbells, kettlebells, bench and squat rack as a minimum at home. All workouts are supported with video exercises and coaching cues so that you are able to train safe with good form and get the most from your exercises. You will be provided with various forms and information to help you plan your sessions correctly and get the most from the program. You will also be provided with some useful nutrition advice, hydration advice and you can also track your food within the app if you wish to. 

What Happens At The End Of The 12 Weeks?

Your program runs for 12 weeks and after that it will come to an end. We have set it so that you actually have 13 weeks app access before the workouts are removed and you have restricted access, unless you sign up for another program or 1-2-1 coaching. This extra week should allow you to catch up if you accidently missed a workout or two.

Do I Need Equipment For The Downloadable Programs?

Yes you do. All of our programs currently contain gym based workouts. Having access to the right kit is so much more beneficial to you to achieve your maximum potential.

Do You Provide 1-2-1 Coaching Also?

Yes we do. We currently work with several professional athletes on the world circuit as well as UK National Champions and Elite riders. Most of our clients though are from general population and just want to feel better and fitter on the bike. We limit the amount of 1-2-1 clients we work with so that we are able to provide them with the time and service they require. Why not contact us to have a free chat and discuss this further and if we have the space we would be stoked to have you on board.


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