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  • Neal Waterman

Why is mobility so important?

Including mobility exercises in your workouts is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, mobility exercises improve your joint flexibility, allowing for a wider range of motion. This not only enhances your performance in various physical activities but also reduces the risk of injury.

Moreover, incorporating mobility movements helps to correct muscular imbalances and postural issues. It targets and activates specific muscles that may be underused or overused, promoting balanced strength throughout your body.

Additionally, mobility exercises can enhance your overall athleticism and functional movement patterns. By improving your mobility, you'll be better equipped to perform daily tasks with ease and efficiency.

Furthermore, mobility work can aid in recovery and alleviate muscle soreness. Gentle stretching and mobility exercises increase blood flow to the muscles, facilitating nutrient delivery and waste removal, which can expedite the recovery process.

Lastly, mobility training can contribute to better body awareness and mind-muscle connection. It encourages mindfulness during movement and fosters a deeper understanding of how your body functions, allowing you to optimize your workouts and make necessary adjustments.

To summarize, integrating mobility exercises into your workouts enhances flexibility, corrects imbalances, improves athleticism, aids in recovery, and fosters body awareness. Prioritizing mobility alongside strength and cardiovascular training can lead to a well-rounded and injury-resistant fitness routine.

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