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12 Week MTB Strength & Conditioning Programme

12 Week MTB Strength & Conditioning Programme

Do you want to get faster and fitter when out on your bike? Then this is the programme for you. You will have 12 weeks work following a structured strength and conditioning programme to make you a better rider. This plan has been designed using the same training priciples that we have used with riders who compete on both the national and world stage. 

Each week you will have 3x gym sessions and 2x bike sessions to complete. So you need to commit to this, and if you do you will see some great results. Every 4 weeks you will notice that your programme changes slightly. As you get stronger and fitter this progressive overload system will keep you on track to achieve your goals.  Your programme will go live on the same day that you make your purchase. We will email you a link which will enable you to activate your account on our very own app. On the app you will have access to your komplete program that will make your rides much more enjoyable. Wether you are a relative newbie or a seasoned racer, this plan will take you to the next level.

  • Terms and conditions

    Your plan once purchased will go live within the same day. You will receive an email with your activation details which will give you access to our app.

    This plan is for you to follow on your own. Therefore you are responsible for completing your daily tasks and keeping up to date with your workouts. If you do this you will see the results and benfits from following a structured plan.

    We do allow 5 days overlap so that you have the maximum chance to complete all the workouts that are scheduled.

    At the end of your 12 weeks and 5 days allowance, your access to the app and workouts will be restricted. To reactivate these you will need to purchase the plan again or sign up to one of our other services.

    Upon purchasing the plan you are agreeing that you are fit and healthy and are able to begin training. You are agreeing that you dont have any underlying medical conditions that could affect your training. If you are unsure on this please consult a medical professonal prior to purchasing this plan or starting the workouts.



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